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Request for Copies of Marriage License

If you don't have all the required information necessary to process your online request, please contact our Records Division at P# (812) 335.7279. We may be able to access the necessary details to serve you best.

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Type of Document: Marriage License
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The Clerk is required, by Indiana Law, to collect copy fees of $1.00 per page, and an additional $1.00 per document if certification is required (IC 33-37-5-1 and IC 33-37-5-3).
Please send your payment by money order made payable to "Clerk of Monroe Circuit Court" indicating payment is for copies and include a self-addressed stamped envelope or pay on line

> For each photocopy you are requesting, enclose a payment of $1.00.
> For each certified copy you are requesting, enclose a payment of $2.00.
> For each faxed document you are requesting, enclose a payment of $2.00.
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