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Forest Home Township Antrim County, Michigan
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Application must be filled out completely and approved before a Special Events Permit will be issued.

The fee for this application is $50.00. Paying the application fee does not grant approval.

Applicant Name
Applicant Phone No
Applicant Email
Property Address (Street Name, City, State, Zip)
Property Tax ID
Name of Facility
Proposed Dates and Times
Proposed Special Event
Periodic or permanent recreational or entertainment activities or facilities (Special Events), such as but not limited to, rodeo competitions or demonstrations, tractor pull events, hay rides, corn mazes, concerts, haunted houses and similar features or events shall have been described in the application for a Farm Tourism Facility Special Land Use Permit.

Approval of a Farm Tourism Facility Special Event first requires Farm Tourism Facility Special Land Use approval by the Planning Commission.

Applicant Signature
Date (mm-dd-yyyy)
Special Events Permit is not valid unless Zoning Administrator has signed and marked application as approved. Owner also grants permission for township officials to access this property for premise inspection and compliance of the zoning ordinance.
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