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Multiple Record Requests

Please provide the preferred method of delivery. Please consult a Chronological Case Summary (CCS) on to relay to our office what documents within the case you may be requesting. This form may be used for up to (10) case records at a time. For additional records requests, please complete a new form. If a case is pending, please see Court Services to view case record.

Your Name / Person to Contact
Street Address
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Email Address
Type of Document (Decree, Order, Charge, Judgement, Dismissal, etc.)
Date of Filing/Order/Decree (mm-dd-yyyy)
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Certified Copy (see below)
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If you intend to use the copy for legal purposes, such as court proceedings, employment, or Social Security, please request that the copy be certified.
The Clerk is required, by Indiana Law, to collect copy fees of $1.00 per page, and an additional$1.00 per document if certification is required (IC 33-37-5-1 and IC 33-37-5-3).

Please send your payment by money order made payable to "Clerk of the Monroe Circuit Court" indicating payment is for copies and include a self-addressed stamped envelope or pay on line at

*Confidential Records: Persons requesting confidential records need to meet the requirements of Ind. Administrative Rule 9(B) and present a photo ID when picking up their documents.
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